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Christi Garner Psychotherapist Online

  • Trauma Informed Leadership is a way to help yourself, your team, and your organization develop resilience. 

  • Working with you to Re-Wire your nervous system and overcome trauma, stress, and anxiety. 


Trauma Expert, Speaker & Trainer

Serving others on the front lines can have long term effects on your nervous system.

I teach ways to use trauma informed practices- everyday in our personal lives and in the work environment- to boost morale, focus and response time. 

My expertise in areas of post-traumatic stress, military life issues, first responders, police, sex abuse/assault,   and interagency collaboration helps to bring together the situational trauma with response as well as the internal understanding and foundation of working in a trauma informed way.

Presentations and trainings focus on building relationships between diverse agencies, resources, programs and groups, as well as how to support each other day to day and respond well in crisis situations. 



On-line Self Paced Women's Class

Women Building Resilience: Re*Wiring your nervous system for a deeper mind-body connection

6 week online self paced class to recalibrate your nervous system and build resilience.

Learning how to RE*WIRE the nervous system to bring more joy, peace, creativity, and resilience into your life. 

The nervous system decides which ways we react to any and all situations we come into contact with every day- until we learn to master it ourselves. This learning builds RESILIENCE and the ability to remain in body when we feel stress, overwhelm or old stories that distract us from the now.

This course helps you to sink into your own mind body connection through mindfulness, practicing regulation skills for feeling feelings, learning how to navigate triggers, difficult situations, and life changing decisions. Tuning into the body and learning about your nervous system helps to reverse the affects of stress, trauma and early childhood dysfunctional patterns of relationships.

Re*Wiring is about learning what is underneath- its an introduction to mindfulness, meditation, mindset, and techniques that will help you to heal the patterns that keep you stuck, sad, overwhelmed, anxious and disconnected.


A Bit About Therapy with Christi

Using EMDR for trauma resolution, we work with cleaning up the memories stored in the body. We dig deep to uncover the stories you are unconsciously holding internally that are holding you back, keeping you stuck and running the show. EMDR is a very private and personal process- it looks different for every person. Learn more here

I help women who want to step into their power- 

  • Women  who want to find the POWER & stregth inside of themselves

  • Women who want to RESPECT & EMPOWER themselves and find how to connect deeply so changes happen with ease

    • When you are deeply connected to your self, you can more easily find the right path for you

    • When you embody your true YES and true NO you can set boundaries with an open heart

    • When you are out of connection, you will feel it quickly, and know how to find your way back

Understanding coupled with compassion changes everything. 

  • stop second guessing yourself​

  • stop telling stories in your head that keep you unhappy 

  • stop feeling down and anxious about things you can't change 

  • start feeling relaxed, in charge of your life and able to handle anything

*Trauma manifests in the body as patterns of stuck emotion and stories. We work to uncover and re*wire those pieces so you can have the life you desire. 

Somatic Therapy brings the body and your lived experience into the therapeutic process. We will spend time during our sessions focused on the sensations and reactions you are having RIGHT NOW and look at how those might be related to past stories, negative core beliefs and frozen pieces of your history - our work will help you uncover what is underneath the surface- in a gentle and kind way. 


My clients break through the obstacles that have been holding them back in life, for decades. They find truth and confidence that lives inside of them they have been longing for...and together we practice bringing it out and learning to live it daily. 

I have been working with women to live their best life for over a decade, and serving those in need of transforming trauma, overcoming stress, anxiety, darkness, and scarcity. You are your own best healer. Let me guide you there. 


Train Your Brain

Trauma Focused Therapy with a Mindful approach. We work to find the JOY, the PEACE and CALM you want more of. The ALIVENESS and CONNECTION you want in your life. My speciality is helping your heal yourself using the bodies innate tendency toward wholeness. With the right tools we all can find ways to heal ourselves. Learn how to gain control of your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to communicate your needs, remain calm in the storm, set boundaries that serve your highest good.