About Me

Hello. Glad you are here - opening to healing is the start, even if you do nothing from here, just starting the inquiry will change things. 

 My name is Christi Garner, Licensed Therapist, specializing in EMDR Virtually, Trauma and Nervous System Rewiring. 

For the past 20 years I have been helping survivors, communities, first responders, police, emergency services, judiciary teams, lawyers and service organizations understand trauma and the ways it runs through our own veins & brains, our families, our communities and our ancestors. 

You can feel better. One session can be the start of everything. 

  • If you are feeling overly sensitive, lost, not sure you are living the life you have always dreamed of, we can work together to get you on the path to feeling like yourself again.

  • The tools you need to reach regulation and joy again are within you. Sometimes we just need an outside set of eyes to help us find the strengths hidden inside of us, we need to process our hidden traumas and memories that are weighing on us. At times we just need time to find our internal impulses and intelligence. 

  • What ever you are facing, I am positive that our work will bring you more in line with who you want to be, & how you want to show up in the world. It will help you find your more authentic and real life. 

I specialize in working with those who have a history of violence and abuse, sexual assault and FIRST RESPONDERS who take care of those in crisis. Traveling the globe as a military spouse has led me to work with service members and families all over the world. 

  • Stress can trickle into every facet of our lives. It affects our spouses/partners, kids, parenting, and our ability to be good partners, friends and lovers. Vicarious trauma and secondary trauma can have big impacts in your life, relationships and work. 

  • Working to find ways to defeat stress and get back your happiness is a worthwhile cause- for yourself, your wellbeing and those around you. 

I’m a trained somatic EMDR therapist, I work with the bodies natural response to trauma and help change these reactions from the inside out.

I have a trauma-informed practice and a mindfulness-based approach. I use EMDR for most of my trauma resolution work, which is a specific therapy to help process traumatic events or memories. 

Schedule a consultation call and lets get started today! 

  • Our work will focus on recovery from trauma, stress, overwhelm and anxiety using the bodies natural tendency to heal itself.

  • Somatic (body focused) therapy is about working with your natural responses.

  • Mindfulness helps to get more present with what is happening in the body and mind.

We use these together to find ways to help you find more joy, relax, regulate your emotional states and build a relationship with your intuition. 

Trauma Focused Therapy helps you to break the patterns that keep you stuck. 

You will find the ways you are reacting to your past, dig out the triggers that keep you stuck in relationships, replaying your addictive behaviors. Working with a mind-body approach helps to clean out the system, reset and align with what kind of life you know you are destined to live. Find the joy. Find the peace and calm you desire. Find support and love you are looking for in your life.

​*I see clients from Hawaii, Colorado, Virginia and Worldwide* 

Coaching Sessions are available for everyone. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

You can feel better. 

Christi Louise Garner, LMFT 

EMDR Trained Therapist 

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

20 years working with survivors, PTSD & those recovering from trauma. 


What To Expect At Your Visit

We connect online through secure and private video sessions from the safety and privacy of your home or office directly from one of your personal electronic devices.

  1. First, we will have a free 20 minute consult call to talk more about what you are looking for and your needs. (BOOK HERE) book by email.

  2. Next, We will set up our first appointment time, or I will offer you really great referrals for your local area that are more inline with your needs.

  3. I will send you online to sign and look over important privacy documents, enter your insurance information and payment options.

  4. Then, we will meet online for our first session, go over what is happening right now, a few things about your past and make a plan of how we can work together and what you need to get out of the work.

  5. Typically the first session we find at least one tool to help relieve some stress, and we make future session schedules.

In GENERAL: We talk more about the ups and downs of life, find your patterns, and integrate some brain science. You learn new tools and skills to change, and become a happier and more connected person. In your work, relationships and with yourself. 


What is therapy like anyway?

Therapy with me- is trauma informed and mind-body focused. We look toward mindfulness to slow us down and really understand more of what drives our habitual reactions and actions. Listen in for a bit more on therapy and my approach.



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