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Nervous System Regulation Sessions

Personalized Care and Guidance


In times of turbulance

A way to combat the freak out- find simple and useful ways to get into your body and gain internal strength

Your nervous system affects everything. Your thoughts, your immunity, your digestion, the shape of your body and the condition of your relationships.

Find your resources

We all have strengths in our bodies that can be useful in these times, our work together will help you find these resources

The nervous system can be the key to rest and relaxation. It can be the difference between getting lost in thoughts vs. feeling safe and secure.

Find useful simple ways to regulate

Regulation to increase your focus, ability to make decisions, leadership and creativity in times of stress and overwhelm

Nervous system regulation can change how you view the present, past and future. Our sessions give you tools to use right away to start rewiring and recovering from anxiety and overwhelm.