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How To Stop Thinking About Something

November 28, 2018

From Up Journey: Quotes by Psychotherapist Online 


"There are many things that trigger us to have obsessive and repetitive thoughts, they can be about positive or negative experiences, people, future or past oriented.

Our thoughts lead to feelings and then actions – so addressing our thought patterns are imperative to feeling good.

First, ask yourself if the thought is making you feel good or bad. We want to foster thinking that brings us peace, calmness and a sense of hope.

If your thoughts are making you feel bad, you can ask yourself if this thought is absolutely true- is it about a past event where you made a mistake or a future event you’re nervous about?

If it’s past or future- ask if it’s helpful. If you decide these thoughts are not helpful or giving you a sense of hope, you can literally remind yourself to STOP thinking and then turn your thoughts toward something you have control over.

Imagine something going well in your future, think of something or someone that brings you joy, puts a smile on your face or makes you feel calm.

When we ruminate on the negative things in our lives we bring more stress to ourselves, our work and our families. Focusing on things we are grateful for brings us more in line with what we want in life, and what we want to feel. What you focus on expands."


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