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December 12, 2018


Self-Care for the Holidays 


Self-care is important in general because we all get to those times when we are overworked, overwhelmed, over tired, and just plain “over” it. At these moments, we need to re-fuel or refill our tanks, our capacity for empathy, the ability to pay attentionand be present with our life, loved ones and responsibilities. 


When we are maxed out and hitting our capacity to take in information, we need quick and easy ways to get back to our base line and get some gas in our tanks. Self-care is that gas. It’s the balance in our bodies, homeostasis. 


A quick walk with 5 deep breaths when you park the car at the back of the parking lot, picking up flowers to have at your home or for the office to remind you to “smell the roses”, a hot chocolate stop with the kids and sitting on a park bench to enjoy a few minutes of winter. 


Any physical or mental moment that helps you to regulate your breathing and relax your muscle tension can work as self-care. Turning off the stress on the relax is the key to self-care. I know I can go weeks without really putting the weight of my life down- self-care is how to “let go” and relax. Baths, showers, Yoga Nidra (you tube it), literally just laying down in bed and letting your tension drain away- when is the last time you had NO tension? Let’s all try this holiday season to get as much self-care as possible. 


Roll your head from ear to ear, call your favorite friend for 5 minutes. Sometimes even scrolling on your favorite Pinterest board or Instagram meme account can be self-care. 


I make a quote jar every year full of my favorite sayings or poems and pull one out to read and reflect on in between tasks. 


Self-care is the way to jump out of the tunnel vision of your day and relaxback into the grand scheme of the greater world. Reminds you that you don’t have to do it allalone. 



Christi Garner, LMFT 



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