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Speaking & Consulting

Understanding Trauma and Healing the Past

Christi Garner, LMFT, has been featured on Huffington Post, Washington Post, Life Money, Bustle, UPJOURNEY, Senior Living, Fatherly, and many other media outlets discussing trauma, PTSD and how the human mind works to understand and live with the effects of trauma in our everyday lives as well as how to heal from trauma and PTSD. 

Christi speaks to the audience from personal experience and professional understanding. Growing up in a family system of dysfunction, unhappiness and after recovering from a teenage sexual assault, alcohol and drug use- she decided to turn her life around, embarking on a journey to learn about how to help others deal with these situations better. After 20 years working with survivors and first responders, 10 years as a psychotherapist, she started to travel the world and work internationally with those on the frontlines of peace and war, speaking to organizations about abuse, how to be trauma informed and how to help those who need healing from PTSD and trauma. 

Christi bases her practical, down to earth approach on the most up to date science with real-life applications, and speaks about the power of welcoming change and how the mind works when it comes to motivation, trauma, success and learning to create an environment for change. 

Christi connects with attendees instantly. Her therapist nature comes out on stage and she can feel the audiences as well as take you on a journey. 

She is a powerful story-teller and her keynotes and events are full of real life stories with powerful insights that then lead to powerful tools and actionable takeaways. Christi is an expert on trauma and how we heal to help others. Her talks inspire and encourage even the most stubborn and resistant of those to take a chance. She always works with you to and with your team to create a customized program that works perfectly for your event’s agenda. 

The talks and seminars I give are uplifting and engaging. As a natural listener, she is also a storyteller. Her stories are humorous, highly interactive and provides real strategies to change our lives, heal our lives, set goals and become the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally, in a rapidly changing world.