Trauma Healing Techniques for Coaches

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Trauma Healing Techniques for Coaches: Healing the Nervous System in times of Crisis 

May 16th 11a-1p Eastern (9am Mountain / 8 am Pacific) 

June 18th 5pm Eastern (3pm Mountain/2pm Pacific) 


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During crisis situations we want to be able to help our clients with whom we have longstanding relationships and trust. We also do not want to just address the mind when dealing with crisis, we want to be able to work with the unconscious body based behaviors that drive all humans in times of stress.

We all run into setbacks in coaching, when you see clients experiencing setbacks that you know are deeply ingrained, come from attachment wounds in early childhood (parental relationship problems) or traumatic experiences, and see them fall to the same blocks over and over- these clients are fighting against a physiological response in the body, not just mindset problems. 

Have you ever wondered how to work with these clients to get them through the set backs before they fail out, fall out or disappear? Maybe you see clients hitting the same place and never moving forward - this can also be a trauma response and needs more than cognitive intervention. 

This course will help you identify and navigate moving through crisis situations with your clients with confidence. Helping you get better results, help you clients attain their goals and help people to reset and realign their nervous system so they can experience more success in all areas of their lives. 

Core Competencies Addressed 

Creating Trust & Intimacy

Coaching Presence

Active Listening

Powerful Questioning

Direct Communication

Creating Awareness

When you can identify the trauma triggers, as a coach you will be better equipped to design the right coaching agreement with a client to support their immediate needs and design the coaching outcomes accordingly.

Trauma Healing Techniques for Coaches
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